ROM. Strong Romanian sensations

Talking about Rom means talking about Romanians and Romania. Witness of all social-political events and changes, many Romanians have grown up with the bar closest to their hearts – Rom.

Rom is still relevant to the young ones, being part of our history, with an authentic Romanian taste, proud of its identity, still generating strong feelings, best understood by Romanians.

During its existence on the market, for more than 50 years, Rom has maintained its identity, as well as the same intense rum taste and the same national colors package.

New – Rom Biscuit

As of this spring, Rom has a new proposal for the young consumers: Rom Biscuit Bar.

Rom biscuit, with the same intense rum taste, now with crispy biscuit bits, is the perfect snack giving you the required impulse of finishing what you’ve started.


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Discover the brand evolution through the TV spots aired over the years.
Rom Sandvis Rotund TV Commercial
Rom Sandvis TV Commercial
Rom RomToff TV Commercial